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Need a jewelry appraisal? We can do that!

A retail insurance appraisal gives you replacement coverage for loss, theft and sometimes damage. It is not what you use to sell a piece.

We always recommend you to contact your insurance agent first to determine exactly what you need. If the piece is older and has had insurance in the past, we will need old appraisals, old receipts and any stone reports when you bring in your piece of jewelry. (Insurance companies like this for provenance.) Never had the piece insured and it is time? Still bring in any paperwork you may have on the piece. The more details we can put in an appraisal, the better your coverage will be. If it is a new purchase, it is possible that your receipt will have enough information for the insurance.

Our appraisals are powered by BriteCo. A national database of gemstone, diamond, design and gold pricing updated daily.

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